I deem him of the liars. . Quran, chapter 96 ( Al-Alaq verse 1-5 51 This was the first verbal revelation.

Muhammeds himmelreise

på seks grunnleggende trossetninger: Troen på Guds absolutte enhet, eller tawhid, er den viktigste trossetningen. Historie, islams historie er uløselig knyttet til profeten Muhammeds biografi. Den tolvte og siste

The Basran stemming from Abu Musa;.Upset by the fear of losing the leading position, and shocked by continuous condemnation of idol-worship in the Quran, the merchants and clan-leaders tried to come to an agreement with Muhammad.

It was the practice (approved) of Allah amongst those of old that have passed away.Muhammad made only 1 very vague utterance (guess) that wishfully might be considered a prophecy. .Dictionary of Qur'nic Terms and Concepts.