This condition is now avoided after the finishing of the Korgfjell Tunnel in 2005.The mountains form the boundary in a north-south direction between Korgen and Elsfjord.

Circle k korgen

50kW 22kW 0,18km (0,11miles) 50kW 28,38km (17,64miles) 50kW 50kW 22kW 28,85km (17,93miles) 3,7kW 28,97km (18,00miles) 50kW 50kW 22kW 29,06km (18,05miles) 3,7kW 29,06km (18,06miles) 50kW 50kW 22kW 37,45km (23,27miles)?kW 38,60km

Statkraft has also built a regional office, located near the municipality building in Korgen.Village in Northern Norway, Norway, korgen is the administrative centre of, hemnes Municipality.

The development of these plants were started in 1948 and was completed in 1955.Korgfjellet had frequently has divided the region in half due to poor road conditions and traffic accidents during the winter.The eastern end of the.