Is vaseline a good anal lubricant

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What to use as lube. On the lighter side, grapeseed and olive oils are great for vaginal and anal sex. . Vaseline can ultimately dry the skin out, though, as it doesn't actually absorb but stays on top of the skin like a barrier. Homemade Anal Lube – Household Lubes & DIY Recipes No, great anal sex requires a good anal lube – and lots of it. . In fact, women who use Vaseline for lube are % more likely to develop Bacterial Vaginosis than women who don't . There are many reasons to use lubricant for anal sex, but if you use the wrong lubricant the condom Vaseline; body lotion; hand cream or lotion; baby oil; cooking oil; butter; margarine; aqueous cream; hair lotion. Good Lube.

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